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DR PILOT – Trimmer/Mower


The Struggle is Over!

Our lightest model, the PILOT is ideal for light-to-moderate conditions. At just 55 lbs. it is the lightest Trimmer Mower on the market and is super-easy to maneuver. But the PILOT doesn’t lack for muscle, and is guaranteed to dramatically outperform any handheld trimmer you can find.

An offset frame design allows the PILOT model to trim right up against foundations, fence lines and other obstacles with precise control. And with its low profile, you can easily reach underneath shrubs or fence stiles to clear out low growth.

We recommend the PILOT for continuous trimming and mowing (releasing the bail bar stops the engine). If you want the ability stop the trimmer head from spinning without shutting the engine down, step up to a PREMIER, PRO, or PRO XL.


Product Summary:

  • 5X the power of handheld trimmers
  • DR OHV engine with 7.0 ft-lbs gross torque
  • 22″ Cutting Width
  • 5 Cutting Heights: 1.5″ to 3.5″
  • Accepts optional DuraBlades and Beaver Blade
  • Accepts 175 mil cord–thicker, longer-lasting cord than any other trimmer on wheels.


  • Engine: 2 years residential, 90 days commercial
  • Machine: 2 years residential, 90 days commercial
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