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Marquis Hydrotherapy & Constantclean

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A hot tub by Marquis delivers true hydrotherapy, where water, heat, flow, and friction meet. We have developed innovative methods to deliver soothing and revitalizing hydrotherapy, specifically by means of our High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zones. See and feel Marquis’ hydrotherapy difference at a showroom today – you should always try before you buy!
Marquis’ high-flow, low pressure jetting systems achieve balance between the therapy they provide and the way the jets feel on your body. Jets drive heat deep into your muscles without blasting you out of the hot tub bringing relief without pressure.

It’s not just how many jets are working it’s how they work that gives you the best results. You can control the direction and intensity of the jets to focus on precise areas of need, as well as experience the extreme sensations of the rotating and dual-port jet designs. The footwell therapy system takes on aching feet and calves while a myriad of jets soothe your neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, calves and even wrists. Plus, dual-speed pumps allow you to choose a soothing slow-speed, invigorating high-speed, or a peaceful soak massage.

The Marquis Therapy System utilizes the industry’s most sophisticated configuration of zone controls. 3-2-1 Zone Control™ is the umbrella system for all units, with Tri-Zone valves in many models that direct flow into three separate zones or partially into a combination of zones; in various other models, Tri-Zone Hydrotherapy™ can deliver three levels of relief in a single seat. Zone in on your upper-body, then zone to your mid-body, and finish up with the lower-body to massage your aching feet. This revolutionary system is worthy of a “test drive” today! In other models, Dual Zone valves divert flow into two separate or partially into both zones; and Single Zone flow control is available to a consistent area of a vessel. The design and alignment of our zones system give the ultimate flexibility and specific targeting you want for a superior hydrotherapy experience.

The smaller HK™40 jets allow them to be clustered to provide concentrated, penetrating massage to shoulder, lumbar, pillar and foot zones. Plus, you won’t find another spa that offers therapy to your interior muscles in the front of your body. The H.O.T. Zone pillar jets allow you to isolate areas such as your chest, arms and front of thighs to bring relief to those muscle groups. You can really feel the difference this small jet delivers – bigger isn’t always better.



Marquis™ has changed water management. Our proprietary systems in conjunction with our SpaCare line of hot tub water care products make water management as care free and easy as possible. Marquis’ ConstantClean™ and ConstantClean+™ water management combined with the SmartClean™ filtration system take care of it for you so you have more time for fun! You will love the feel of truly clean water.

Marquis’ ConstantClean water management system is like cruise control for your spa – You just set it and practically forget it for up to a month. Your hot tub is ready whenever you want to soak. First, Marquis’ exclusive ozone system effectively destroys unwanted elements 3000 times faster than sanitizer alone. Second, the in-line sanitation system uses natural minerals and bromine cartridges to treat your water so it’s safe and clean without unpleasant odors or skin irritation.

The Corona Discharge Ozonator’s high-output, energy efficient design converts oxygen into activated ozone gas. The Mazzei® injector introduces the ozone to the water as it flows through the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber, bacteria and other contaminants are oxidized before ozone converts back to oxygen.

SmartClean™ software knows when you have used the hot tub and automatically triggers a cleanup cycle after your soak – that’s smart! Plus, you can adjust filtration cycles according to how often you use your spa or even if you are on vacation. You can also run it during off-peak hours to conserve energy costs. Marquis’ Vortex skimmer system filters 100% of the water from the spa floor to surface 60 to 160 times a day depending on the spa model. This dramatically reduces the need for surface cleaning or vacuuming. Marquis’ clean obsession pays off with lower maintenance and energy costs.


  • Vortex skimmers skim surface contaminants such as body oils and lotions then direct them into the filter cartridges which trap contaminants and particulates.
  • Water is drawn from the footwell through a safety suction fitting.
  • Water is forced upward through the filter to trap debris that may settle at the bottom of the spa, mixing, recirculating and filtering all the water, surface to floor. This translates to circulating about 24,000 gallons of water daily! (Based on using a MP160 pump).
  • Filtered water is drawn into primary jet pump.
  • Water is simultaneously routed through the high-flow heater assembly.
  • The Ozonator’s high-output, energy efficient design converts oxygen into activated ozone gas. The Mazzei® injector mixes ozone with water which is then introduced into the mixing chamber.
  • Bacteria and other contaminants are oxidized before ozone converts back to oxygen.
  • Residual ozone and converted oxygen are reintroduced into the spa water through a dedicated fitting for maximum efficiency.
  • Water passes through the in-line sanitation system and is treated with natural minerals and bromine before reentering the spa.
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